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May 12, 20230

Replacing a traditional keyboard with a touch screen… is it a good option? Of course! In today’s post we detail several advantages. We are all used to interacting with technology either by sliding our fingers over the glass of the screen or by pressing the keys and icons that appear on it. Today it is the most common way to interact with electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

These screens, technically called touch interfaces, are data input devices that receive an electrical signal when a user makes direct contact with them.

Touch interfaces have the ability to detect finger pressure and movement, allowing the user to control devices through gestures and movements, and are much more intuitive. This means users don’t have to spend time learning how to use it, allowing for greater productivity.

In recent years, a trend has appeared among industrial machinery manufacturers, which consists of replacing traditional keyboards made up of several buttons and a small screen, with smart touch screens.

Next we will see some of the advantages of making this change.

  1. Increased productivity: Some people find it easier and faster to type on a touch screen than on a traditional keyboard. This increases productivity and facilitates the usability of the machine, since it allows clicking on images, highlighting icons, etc. Communication with the user is more adapted to their needs.
  2. Space: A touch screen can be adapted to the space previously occupied by the physical keyboard, so it is not necessary to change the chassis of the machine or carry out any machining. This is especially useful if we need to modernize equipment, saving manufacturing costs.
  3. Modern design: A touch screen offers a modern and sophisticated design that will change the general appearance of the machine, allow it to better communicate with the user and set the language corresponding to the market in which it is sold.
  4. Additional functionality: In addition to keyboard functionality, some touch screens also offer additional functionality such as gesture sensing or pressing to perform different tasks. This can be very useful for making certain tasks faster and easier.
  5. Upgrades the machine it is installed on. Since they usually incorporate technological advances that were not available when the machine was designed. Today it is possible to provide a machine with remote connectivity and record its operation in real time, just by replacing an old traditional keyboard with a new smart screen.

Undoubtedly, replacing push buttons with touch screens is a very interesting option, which will result in a higher volume of sales.

Update our current range of products with machines equipped with the capabilities offered by the Internet of Things (IoT), It is a possibility within our reach that is carried out in a simple way. In this way we can record the operating data of the machine, in a server hosted in the cloud and be able to consult and process them in real time.

It can be said that we can technologically innovate our current equipment with Big Data capabilities just by changing a keyboard for an intelligent touch screen.

At Ingeniería Electrónica a tu medida s.l, ( we have a lot of experience in carrying out this type of update. If you want to replace a traditional keyboard with a touch screen or find out more details on how to apply this technological innovation to your equipment, do not hesitate to call us at 961 018 474, and we will tell you how to do it.



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