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May 12, 20230

How to turn metal parts into smart sensors in my equipment? In recent years, Internet of Things (IOT) technology has been revolutionizing the way we interact with the world around us. This technology allows electronic devices to communicate with each other, exchanging data and information autonomously, without the direct intervention of a user.

One of the sectors in which the IOT is having a significant impact is in the manufacture of metal parts.

Metal parts are key components in many products, from automobiles to airplanes and industrial machinery. The great advances achieved in the manufacturing and machining industry allow the incorporation of electronic components inside the structure of the part.

In this way we can replace gears, bolts or metal shafts with others with the same external appearance and mechanical behavior, but which also incorporate electronic sensors inside that give us information.

With the addition of the IOT, these parts can be monitored in real time, allowing manufacturers to optimize the efficiency and safety of their products.

One of the most common applications of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) in metal parts is temperature and pressure control.

For example, the internal parts of aircraft engines can be equipped with IOT sensors that measure temperature and pressure in real time, allowing engineers to detect any problems before they become serious failures.

Similarly, industrial machinery parts that are equipped with electronic sensors can monitor wear and vibration, helping manufacturers spot any potential problems before they cause costly failure.

Another application of the integrated IOT in metal parts is the identification and monitoring of the part in real time.

By equipping parts with sensors and communication devices, manufacturers can track the location of each part throughout the manufacturing and distribution process. This can help streamline the supply chain and ensure that each part reaches its destination on time.

IOT can also be used to improve the safety of metal parts. The electronic sensors inserted in them can detect any sign of stress or damage in the parts, which can help to improve the design and adjust maintenance.

In addition, communication devices can alert engineers and technicians if an abnormality is detected in a part, allowing them to take preventive action before the incident occurs.

In short, the incorporation of IOT inside metal parts is having a significant impact on manufacturing and product design. By enabling real-time monitoring, supply chain tracking and optimization, and improved security, IoT is helping manufacturers produce more efficient, safer, and more reliable products.

At Ingeniería Electrónica a Tu Medida (, we believe that incorporating all kinds of sensors inside metal parts is a great advantage. Converting metal parts that until now only had a mechanical function into parts equipped with intelligent electronics is a reality thanks to the precision that is currently achieved with bar turning.

If you want to learn more about how to incorporate IOT sensors inside your metal parts, that is, convert metallic parts in intelligent sensors contact us at or at 961 018 474.

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