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May 12, 20230

If you like electronic design, IoT connectivity, and everything related to Industry 4.0, Arduino is surely very familiar to you. What is Arduino? What does it mean to work with Arduino? Today we want to talk about it.

Arduino is an open source electronics creation platform, which is based on free hardware and software that is flexible and easy to use for creators and developers. It is based on a microcontroller, specifically an ATMEL, and has an integrated circuit in which instructions can be recorded using a programming language that allows the user to establish programs that will be executed by the electronic circuit.

Arduino is a board that has all the necessary elements to connect different sensors to the inputs and peripherals to the outputs of a microcontroller. That is, it is a printed board with the necessary components for the microcontroller to work and that can also communicate with a computer through a serial communication port.

It has three parts:

  1. The first is an input interface that aims to pass the external information to the microcontroller. The type of peripherals that you can use to send data to the microcontroller depends to a large extent on what you are going to use it for. They can be cameras to obtain images, keyboards to enter data, or different types of sensors.
  2. The microcontroller is the second part and is the “brain” that is responsible for processing that data and executing the program that is recorded.
  3. The third part is an interface or output port, which is responsible for taking the information that has been processed in the Arduino to other peripherals. These peripherals can be screens or speakers on which to reproduce the processed data, but they can also be other boards or controllers.

In recent years, the use of Arduino has increased exponentially due to its readability and ease, and it is ideal for those who are beginning to approach programming and want to see results quickly without getting discouraged.

There are thousands of open source programs, hundreds of development boards, and a respectable user community.trabajar con arduino

  • Let us now see the advantages of its use.

The biggest advantage of Arduino is that it is a ready-to-use structure. Its a microcontroller that comes in a form of a complete package that includes the 5V regulator, burner, oscillator, microcontroller, serial communication interface, LEDs, and headers for the connections. To program it, you just have to connect it to the USB port of your computer and it will be ready.

Engineers and professionals are doing their projects through Arduino and you can easily find help on almost everything.

  • Now let’s see the disadvantages it presents:

The first disadvantage is its dimensions. During the construction of a project you have to adjust your design to the available measurements and this is not possible with Arduino since its dimensions are already defined.

Another important factor that cannot be denied is the cost. This is a factor that every engineer or professional has to take into account, since in the case of low supply, or price increases, we are chained to this device. In addition, the updates to new versions of Arduino more equipped, cause that the previous ones are scarce, rise in price and are difficult to obtain.

The third disadvantage is obsolescence. It has been common for some manufacturers who decided to equip their equipment with Arduino and that after a few years they have found that the equipment they put on the market based on this platform faces shortages of supplies and price increases for this reason. In most cases, they have seen the need to replace them with their own compatible electronic designs, in order to provide service to customers.

trabajar con arduinoAt Ingeniería Electrónica a Tu Medida, we have experience in making personalized electronic designs compatible with this platform to provide solutions to this type of situation and we also take the opportunity to provide the equipment with new technological capabilities.

Connectivity 4.0, storage and processing of data in the cloud and other advantages associated with Big Data are some of the capabilities that we provide with our designs.

Contact us at, or on the phone 961 018 474 and we will be happy to help you with your development.






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